The Miracle Mile Signed Print

One of most significant projects that Tom Locke, the owner of this site, undertook in the early 90’s was acquiring the rights from photographer Charlie Warner to his famous black and white shot from the “Miracle Mile” race. This project resulted in the creation of a limited edition print commemorating Sir Roger Bannister and John Landy and their famous sub-four minute mile during the 1954 Commonwealth Games held in Vancouver, Canada.

With their full support and cooperation, arrangements were made for Messrs. Bannister and Landy, in conjunction with officials of the 1994 Commonwealth Games (Victoria, BC), to come to Vancouver and sign these 40th anniversary prints.

This historical event was captured in the very first issue of Sports Illustrated that came out in August of 1954. This story was republished in Sports Illustrated’s 40th anniversary edition in August of 1994. Also of note is the fact that Sir Roger Bannister was Sports Illustrated’s first “Sportsman of the Year” and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated in early January of 1955.

John Landy remained the world record holder at 3:58 minutes for two years and was also featured on the cover of this magazine in a May 1956 issue.

In 2014, the XX Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow, Scotland marking the 60th anniversary of this historic race, one of the greatest “moments in time.”

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